Our Partners

Nielsen Connected partner


The proliferation of data, accelerated pace of business and rapid advancement of digital technologies has created an environment where success is dependent on connections. Engage3 is a curated member of the Nielsen Connected Partner Program, an industry first solution that helps you easily connect your network, discover new partners, and utilize the most robust retail and shopper data in the world.

The Engage3-Nielsen Connected Partner Program will help you:

  • Leverage your Nielsen data with Engage3’s store-specific competitive pricing data to drive a new level of insights and actions
  • Shift from doing data management and data alignment to making data driven decisions, and
  • Grow your capabilities in an additive way by enriching your data with every interaction

Price Revolution

Price Revolution, founded to fill a void in today’s price optimization offerings, recognized that all retailers, no matter what size, need access to state-of-the-art technology and expertise in order to drive profitable demand while competing against the big box retailer. Their subject matter expertise in successfully commanding increases in customer demand, sales, and margin enhancement using Revionics Life Cycle Price Optimization tools makes Price Revolution the only choice in your journey to pricing excellence. Whether you are a small, midsize, or large retailer and want to access the technology along with price management services and expertise, Price Revolution has a set of services that will take your pricing prowess from uninspired to customer-focused.

Our Local Media Reach

Engage3's local media reach thanks to partners like The McClatchy Company and Swift Communications.