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The Hidden Price War

Grocers are experiencing a Hidden Price War that many are unaware of


Using Price Image to Formulate Pricing Strategy

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Engage3 Named to Inc. 5000 Three Years in a Row

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Nielsen’s Marcia Webb:
Health is a Differentiator

Variable weight products bring health
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IDC Market Spotlight: Price Image Management

In-depth analysis of Price Image technology


IDC 2019 MarketScape Price Optimization Report:

Engage3 Positioned as a Leader


Biggest Takeaways From
GroceryShop 2019

Our insights on the latest in retail innovation and industry trends


Our Mission

We help retailers and manufacturers understand, protect, and enhance their Price Image through accurate competitive data, data science, and Artificial Intelligence-powered software solutions.

Domain Expertise

Engage3's founders have over 40 years of experience gathering, measuring, and drawing insights from competitive pricing & product data for our clients and partners across the U.S. and Canada.

Data Science

We combine deep domain expertise in retail pricing with strategic insights achieved through data science, the innovative application of statistical physics, and patented software techniques.

Innovative Technology

Our platform utilizes a unique database that tracks billions of local prices and products to help businesses make the tradeoff between Price Image and Profitability.

Featured Article

IDC 2019 MarketScape Report Positions Engage3 as a Leader in Price Optimization Applications

“Engage3 flips the price optimization paradigm on its head — optimizing price image, not prices, to achieve desired outcomes,” said Mark Thomason, co-author of the report and Research Director for Digital Business Models and Monetization at IDC. “With deep pricing–focused artificial intelligence and machine learning assets, Engage3 is focused on using science to maximize business outcomes constrained by shopper perception of pricing through predictive modeling of Price Image,” he added.

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As Seen On

Engage3 has helped our average units per transaction go up. Unlike price indexing, we don’t have to be locked in as a follower. Price image lets us offer compelling value while at the same time maintaining our margins, and that’s helped advance our business in our customers’ eyes.

Retail ExecutiveHealth Food Chain

“Engage3 flips the price optimization paradigm on its head — optimizing price image, not prices, to achieve desired outcomes. With deep pricing–focused artificial intelligence and machine learning assets, Engage3 is focused on using science to maximize business outcomes constrained by shopper perception of pricing through predictive modeling of price image.”

Mark ThomasonResearch Director, International Data Corporation (IDC)

The attention you guys have paid to the details of the data is exemplary and I can't say enough for it. That attention to detail (or lack thereof) was one of the reasons I left my previous provider. One thing that's always stood out to me is that you guys have never taken the attitude of 'that's about all we can do'. You all are always looking to improve, and it’s been fantastic.

Mark SempriniDirector of Pricing, C&S Wholesale Grocers

We needed better competitive intelligence. It’s critical to our business. Other companies just told us they could give us more data using the same methods. Engage3 is different. They showed us there was a smarter way to collect competitive data using data analytics and mobile technology.

Pricing ExecutiveNational Specialty Grocery Retailer

The MissionControl platform and Missions mobile app is a game changing technology in the competitive pricing intelligence industry. Having completed 10's of millions of price audits over the last decade I have seen many types of techniques and systems. This is simply the best. Anyone not using this platform is providing inferior data.

Josh SternCEO, Reality Based Group

Comprehensive Visibility

Engage3 has created a highly curated pricing and product database, enabling product linking, category mapping, attribute mining, and other high-value analytics and market insights. This unique database includes:


Total Retail Products Across All Chains


Curated Master Products


Prices Updated Weekly

Engage3 Strategic Pricing Solutions

Price Image Management (PIM)

Designed for merchants, Price Image Management recommends item/zone level pricing to maximize your Profit and Price Image goals.

Competitive Intelligence Management (CIM)

An integrated pricing platform that provides everything retailers need to achieve comprehensive competitive visibility. Get localized visibility into pricing and assortment, and reverse-engineer your competitors’ tactics and strategies.

Featured Article

The Hidden Price War

In years past, food retailers have experienced local pricing wars, often driven by new competitors within a market. Price investments are made across the store on national brand products like Tide and Frosted Flakes, followed by proclamations of “New Low Prices.” Competition within a market is typically quick to react, often neutralizing any effect within weeks. So what makes this price war different?
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Featured Article

Winsight Grocery: A Price and Promotion Pandemic

In his recent article for Winsight Grocery Business, Jon Springer reports that the coronavirus pandemic is delivering billions in new sales for U.S. food retailers. But there’s a catch. He writes, “They need to accept that bounty delicately, keeping an eye on the effects of rising costs, changes in consumer buying behavior, and their near- and longer-term perception in the marketplace.” Get Engage3’s and other industry experts’ perspectives in this article.
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Price Optimization 2.0: The Efficient Frontier in Strategic Pricing

When managing a financial portfolio, you’ll need to determine how much to invest in each asset. If you have a thousand assets, it becomes a very complicated decision on how much to invest into each one. Harry Markowitz’s Nobel Prize Winning portfolio management theory, called the Efficient Frontier,  allows investors to boil this problem down into a strategic decision of how much risk to take for a given return.

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