Using Private Label to Improve Price Image; A New Organizational Structure That Puts Customers First

By Competitive Data, Personalization, Price Image

Ken Ouimet of Engage3 and Wesley Bean of Catalina Marketing talk about providing customers more value not only by carrying healthier-for-you products, but also helping them navigate through store assortments by highlighting product attributes that are specific to their health requirements. They also discussed how retailers should think about their Price Image in terms of their private label offerings. Wes mentions how other retailers can learn from the success of Kroger’s Simple Truth, now a $2B organic health and wellness brand. Ken brings up the rise of attribute loyalty vs. brand loyalty and Wes discusses a new approach to organizational structure from the typical product/category system to a customer-solution orientation.

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Nielsen: Combining personalized pricing with personalized health can create a race to the top

By Loyalty, Personalization, Pricing Strategy

Ken Ouimet of Engage3 and Marcia Webb, VP of Specialty Retail at Nielsen, talk about the opportunities in combining personalized pricing with personalized health to appeal to consumers’ health and wellness goals. The two predict that a renewed focus on consumers will create a race to the top, instead of a race to the bottom for retailers. This is Part 3 of 3 videos of Ken’s conversation with Marcia at GroceryShop in September 2019.

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Nielsen: Marcia Webb

Nielsen: 10 Items Drive 50% of Retailers’ Price Image

By In-store Strategy, Market Insights, Price Image, Price Optimization

Marcia Webb, Vice President of Retail at Neilsen, cited Nielsen research that found that only 10 items in a store drive 50% of consumers’ price image of a retailer. Will retailers of the future use demand pricing? One-to-one pricing? Or another type of pricing? Watch Ken and Marcia present their differing opinions about the future of price and health personalization in grocery. This is Part 2 of 3 videos of Ken Ouimet’s conversation with Marcia Webb, VP of Retail at Nielsen, at GroceryShop in September, 2019.

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